Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good timing

Recently, my best friend from vet school lost her beloved pug of more than 13 years. She rescued him as a puppy our first year of school and he accompanied her on two cross country moves and multiple life changes. His passing left her searching for a new smushy faced dog to fill the void. 

When we walked into the local feed store today to pick up a few things before the storm supposedly hits there was a small rescue group having an adoption day. And they had this. 

She seemed like a pretty young, healthy little Pekingese so I figured what the heck and sent off a quick pic. Love at first sight ensued via cyberspace and  several texts and a few phone calls later we walked out the door with "Penny."

This little girl has been very well behaved so far, seems unphased by the other dogs and cats, quiet, and housebroken. We'll get to see more of her personality in the next ten days and then she will head off to New Hampshire where she will a pampered and spoiled "purse dog" for the rest of her days. Pretty lucky day for a little stray dog!

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Diana said...

Wow, that was good luck!! Yay!!