Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Random Musings

PayPal should be accepted on all websites.

Why can't they just leave olives empty?  Who really likes pimentos? And better yet, what are pimentos?

I wish my bank had one of those apps where you just take a picture of a check to deposit it. 

Why do they still make single-ply toilet paper?  Is there anyone who hasn't realized that you just use it twice as fast?

Are people unfamiliar with the general rules of driving or they just don't care?

All clothing should be tagless. 

Sometimes bananas make me sick.  But not always.  So I keep eating them until one does.  Then the rest of the bananas go bad. 

I find it hard to believe the same people who enjoy watching the olympics also enjoy the closing ceremonies. 

North Dakota was recently declared the happiest state.  I doubt the people who determined this are familiar with all the states south of North Dakota. 


VetVoyeur said...

North Dakota also has the highest rate of binge drinking in the US. There might be a connection there somewhere.

Karissa said...

Because you asked, I had to google it. I didn't know what a pimento is, either, until now. They are actually a sweet red pepper. Who knew? Who thought to start putting them in olives? My favorite lately is feta or bleu cheese as stuffings. :) You can buy the big cocktail olives that don't have anything in them -- but fair warning, they are more likely to have pits hidden in them, as I can attest to from my experience Monday night. :o( I do love me my olives...

I hear you on the single-ply. IMO, you go through it more than twice as fast. This may be my OCD behavior shining through, but with the "good stuff" at home I use four squares. With the crappy stuff at work I likely use 4x that or more...

I did not watch the closing ceremonies. lol