Monday, February 24, 2014


Legend and I started a Nosework class  two weeks ago and so far, just like tracking, she loves it.  What's really nice about Nosework is that it has similar concepts to tracking but takes a lot less time and space to practice.  All you need to get started is cardboard boxes and treats!

Essentially the first phase of learning is to teach the dog to search an area by arranging boxes all over and putting the treat in one.  When they find it, you just move the boxes around so the treat box is in a different spot.  As the dog gets better you put boxes on chairs, in corners, on top of each other etc to add dimension and challenge to the search area.  And that's as far as we have gotten so far-this week will be our third class.  But last week, in just the second class, once she saw the boxes it was all I could do to  hold on to her!

So I think this will be another fun activity for us to pursue along with tracking.  And they are complimentary so the training in one will help with the other.  Always, a plus!

For more about Nosework check out these sites:

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