Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Unusual: Staff Edition

Sometimes, hiring mistakes are made...

1.  The redneck wedding girl-invited us all to her wedding reception, which was to be a pot-luck, held in a field, where romantic activities such as shooting skeet would take place.  She was no longer employed by the time this event occurred.

2.  The cabinet dryer-among her many transgressions leading to unemployment, this young lady got behind on the  laundry and folded wet towels and placed them in cabinets to dry.

3.  The fake pregnant girl-suddenly produced a positive pregnancy test to her boyfriend the day after an actually pregnant employee collected urine all day in the clinic fridge for a medical test.  Hmm.

4.  The angry German-didn't want to take cans to the recycling center so she stuffed the bag into an extra dog crate and turned the crate so the door would face the wall and no one would know what was in there.  This was discovered after her employment ended for other reasons.

5.  The sick girl-whose problems were in part brought on by overdosing on laxatives and other medications.

6.  Dumb and Dumber-a mediocre kennel boy and his girlfriend were hired in a moment of desperation.  He let a dog jump out of a kennel leading to a fracture repair bill at a referral center.  Employment of the couple ended shortly thereafter.

7.  The diarrhea man-an older gentleman called in sick to the head tech proclaiming "diarrhea something fierce" or something similar.  He quit a few days later.

8.  The rabies girl-nonchalantly mentioned during a discussion on rabies that her daughter had had this.  Further investigation indicated that her daughter was still alive.  We advised her that her child had not had rabies.

9.  The domestic violence girl-showed up late one day and obviously beaten, changed her story several times about what happened, then failed to show up for work as well as answer her phone necessitating a call to the police to check on her.  Shortly thereafter she had to move away (understandably) and we wish her well.

10.  The too good for this girl-who felt that cleaning kennels was beneath her.

11.  The young man who apparently retrieves the needed vaccines by label color.  This does not always work.

12.  The tech who was arrested on her lunch break for having drug paraphernalia in her car during a traffic stop.