Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The old dog

It makes me a little sad these days to watch Zodiac.  He's doing ok for an old dog, but he is, in all reality, an old dog.

He has trouble getting up and down.  Some days he limps a little.  Sometimes he falls down.  Some of those times he just stays put since it's easier than getting back up.  He doesn't see or hear as well as he used to.  He gets tired quicker, gets hotter faster, and sometimes I need to walk a little slower with him.  There is no more jumping into the truck or onto the bed.  He doesn't even try.

But he's happy, sassy, eats good, and plays outside.  He enjoys pet therapy, herding and treats. There is nothing significantly wrong with him other than age (that we know of right now).  So even though I hate to see him age, we hope to have plenty of more time with him.  And we will try to be happy for the days we have, instead of sad that he's a little more gray.

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