Monday, September 15, 2014

Reunions round 2 and settling in

This weekend we went to a family reunion for my mom's side of the family and also took my dad out for his 60th birthday.  We had nice weather and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Back at home Twist is doing well as a barn cat but I think she probably misses being inside-she's a very cuddly girl.  She is getting at least a few hours a day out of the crate and has been playing in the yard and climbing trees.  She will probably graduate to full days out of the crate soon.

Twix is doing well as an only house cat.  We have been letting her stay loose at night and she typically curls up right next to us and stays all night (or until about 5:30 and then thinks it's time to play and we have to return her to her room).  There isn't much cuter than waking up to find a tiny kitten sleeping by you.

Summer has gone back to reliably using the litter box.  I think eliminating the kitten that pooped in her box all the time has helped.  Even though that's not when it started.  Rabbits are weird.

Both applications interested in Shea changed their mind it appears.  So I've started working with her on some basic obedience and manners.  If we are going to have her for a while she might as well be better behaved.

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Border Collie said...

This is one of our favourite dog breeds - surely the smartest in the world they can be almost as understanding as a human being.