Monday, September 1, 2014

Reunion Round 1

This weekend we celebrated my 10 year vet school reunion in Columbia.  We started out at Buffalo Wild Wings for some pre-football visiting.  It was great to see so many people I had not seen since graduation, or only see rarely.

Afterwards we headed over to the MU game.  It was pretty scorching during the middle of the afternoon so most of the group left around half time-but for those of us who held out-the seats got shady before the 3rd quarter started and we were able to enjoy the rest of the game.

After the game we all headed over to Shakespeare's (at least with vets you never need to worry about how you look or smell!).  Shakespeare's Pizza is a Columbia landmark and eating tradition that has expanded well beyond it's original downtown location.  We had a private party room in one of the additional locations but even then it was so loud we were all basically screaming at each other!

I think most people headed to the Black and Gold after Shakespeare's.  The Black and Gold is an old skanky bar many of my classmates frequented in vet school (the kind of place with no windows, cash only, and everything served out of a can or bottle-so I'm not really sure if that even qualifies as a bar). I have only been there one time as skanky bars were not really my thing then or now so we elected to head out on our own at this point and take a walk around the downtown area and of course campus, where we met 17 years ago this fall.

Overall we had a good time and I have observed the following things...

Pizza, football, and beer is still an adequate way to entertain a group of doctors.

Phil can still wear an "I only date crack whores" t-shirt and no one bats an eye (his wife, by the way, is very nice, and not a crack whore).

Dani and I were unable to remember the name of the other girl we shared a duplex with during our first year of vet school (she was not a classmate, but I knew here during undergrad, finally remembered the next day).

Some of us are doing exactly what we we expected, exactly where we expected to be doing it, while some of us are doing something we never imagined.

While some of us are small town cattle vets and others board certified specialists we all share similar experiences.

Most of us have not changed much, which is why I am reminded now of what I knew then-that I went to school with a great group of kids who became a great group of doctors, parents, spouses, practice owners, and more.

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Lauren Miller said...

That looks like fun! I've never been to a reunion before!