Wednesday, October 31, 2018

All animals. All the time.

Sunday Epic got a chance to be dog in white at the NW2 trial. He did a great job. I plan to enter him in an NW1 when I get the chance. Meanwhile I have some things I want to work on. 

Yesterday i got off work early and got in a ride. Riesling is doing great.  Thanks to my improved riding and some good chiro work on him we are able to do more cantering. 

And our dogs got to enjoy some outdoor playtime. 

Lyric posed with the scary skeleton for Halloween. 

And the puppies are two weeks old! They are getting fat and cute and starting to really act like puppies. I’m another week they will be really fun!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Always something. All the time.

Things remain busy here. Autumn in-house a little baby break and helped me clean the barn. She’s a really great dog. Someone will be lucky to have her. 

The puppies continue to grow and change. Treat will definitely be cattle dog colored. The other mostly white ones are getting more spots but I don’t know that they will actually be “blue” or gray. 

 Candy was the first to open her eyes! 

And here is some more random cuteness from the day. 

We also had an overnight visitor. Our buddy Jake came while his family was out of town. 

And there is a local Nosework trial happening. Because it was close, and there was a spot available I decided to enter Legend for fun. She rocked most of it and we only made one error in interiors. 

Today and tomorrow I am volunteer coordinator. But I had some great volunteers! I think their favorite part was riding in the back of the truck. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Kids and puppies

The puppies were a week old yesterday! They have grown so much and are getting so cute. Sadly, the little runt Boo, and one female Pumpkin, didn’t make it. I think little Boo was just too small. Even with all the bottle feeding he just wasn’t strong enough. We aren’t sure about the other one. Jerry said she didn’t growlike the others while I was gone and then he just found her dead. But six puppies is plenty for Autumn to keep up with. 

    Meanwhile, this guy has finally won over the girls. 

Birthday trip

My sister and mom planned a birthday trip for me. We went to a historic river front town in Indiana. We had good food, enjoyed the views, cute shops, wineries and played games. 

Store cat 

Ohio River 

On the way home we hit the Cheesecake Factory so overall a good trip!