Monday, March 24, 2014


Well, no NATCH this weekend, but we at least had one very lovely "almost" NATCH run.  Overall, given their lack of training over the winter I thought they did very well.  Lyric was only entered in Regular, Jumpers, and Tunnelers.  She didn't weave or discriminate well but ran fast all weekend.  She also took a few off courses.  But she did end up with two really lovely jumpers Qs and one Regular Q.

Legend definitely started off a bit rusty.  She was entered in everything and ended up with two ugly regular Qs and two nice Jumpers Qs.  Chances the first day was a total bust but it was a pretty hard course.  It was also pretty tough the second day but she put together a very valiant effort with only one off course.  I was proud of how she did on it.  And there's always another trial for NATCH.  She also ran with nice enthusiasm all weekend and did all her contacts (well, no refusals but she did bail one a-frame down contact).

And we got to see lots of friends we have not see in  months.  Oh, and Lyric finished her Superior Elite Jumpers Certificate.

Here are a few videos...

Legend's better of her two jumpers Qs
One of Lyric's jumpers Qs.  I think her other one is faster but there is no video.

And finally Legend's "almost" NATCH run.  You can tell by my videographers reaction where she goes off course!

And tomorrow, a little surprise!

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