Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our "little" surprise

Reaghan is our new foster dog and is 25 lbs of adorable and sweet.  We don't know what she's mixed with but she sure is cute!

This little girl came from a rural shelter after she had been picked up for running loose as a stray for several days and and went unclaimed.  Cheri picked her up for me on Sunday and we got her on our way home from Oklahoma Sunday evening.  

Naturally, she was in full blown heat when she arrived.  I'm not sure why anyone would want to have an intact dog but after only one day I know I wouldn't!  I took her in and spayed her Monday afternoon!  

So far we don't know a lot about her.  Since she was in heat, and subsequently recovering from surgery she has spent most of her time in a crate.  But she does seem crate trained.  She's been a little timid and unsure of herself but I think she will show more personality every day.  I'm sure  I will have more to post about her soon enough.

The name Reaghan is Celtic for nobility, in case you wondered. 

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