Monday, May 23, 2011


I think this has been on the national news but for those of you who don't know an EF-4 tornado struck Joplin, MO Sunday night.  Joplin is about 90 minutes away from where we live.  The tornado destroyed a large part of the town and damaged or destroyed literally thousands of businesses and houses, including the main hospital which was eventually evacuated.  I know many people who have friends or family in the Joplin area.  Power and phone lines are down and many people are still searching for loved ones and trying to found out who is safe. 

Most of the veterinary clinics survived the storm although several are without power.  However, a clinic where I did relief work last year was completely destroyed.  While the clinic owners are safe and no animals were injured this makes me very sad.  I do not know if they will reopen. 

This community needs all your prayers right now as many are without homes or jobs.  The fatalities have reached 116 and are expected to rise.  This makes it one of the deadliest tornadoes in our state's history.

The pictures of the devastation are unreal.  The clean up and rescue efforts are hampered by continued rain and storms in the area.


Diana said...

How horrible. My heart goes out to everyone.

Kathy said...

that made me so sad to see that on the news...I can not imagine having that in my own area with my friends/neighbors-sure makes you realize things can change so drastically in an instant-just so hard to imagine such damage ;-(

tervnmal said...

That is so awful. As much as I enjoy being a storm spotter, I NEVER want to see that kind of destruction. The loss of life in incredible. Never take anything (or anyone) in your life for granted, like Kathy said, it can all change in an instant.