Thursday, March 23, 2017

NW3-the quest continues

Last weekend Legend and I headed off to Moline, IL for another NW3 try. It was the one year anniversary of our first and only NW3 so I was hoping that was a good omen. 


We made the whole drive up on Friday and relaxed at the hotel. Legend showed an interest in reading my book. But I'm not finished with it yet. 😉

Saturday I volunteered. Luckily I got an inside job since it was cold. I got to be judges steward for interiors so enjoyed watching all those searches. We got in a little walk around the hotel after working. Legend really wanted to swim but I told her it may not be safe. Plus she just had a bath. 

Sunday we started with exteriors. We found two hides and I felt good about it.  I'll come back to containers. Vehicles went well, one hide. One car was interesting to her but no odor. I felt good about being able to tell the difference. Interiors went very smoothly. I think that interiors is one of our strengths. 

Back to containers. 3 rows of four bags. I searched  all three down, no luck. Went the opposite way on the first row and found one hide. Checked the middle row the opposite way, nothing. And then, for whatever reason decided not to check the third row the oppotoe direction. After I called finish and started to leave the search area she practically laid down on another bag in the third row.  I was hoping maybe it was a really good distractor. It wasn't. Oops. 

So basically we got no false alerts and found all the hides. Should have been a pass if it weren't for me! Overall I think my confidence is coming back and I've noticed I don't really worry about the time pressure. She's quick and we try to be efficient. I didn't get any 30 second warnings this weekend. And we earned our NW3-vehicle title. So overall a pretty good outing. 

In two weeks we head to Kentucky to try it again!

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