Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Lord giveth

A kitten showed up at our house this weekend. I thought if the house sitter ignored her and the big cats were mean to her she would go away. She didn't. 

When we arrived home on Sunday, grief-stricken and teary-eyed, she was on the deck.

I went outside to pick her up. I told her she was not our kitten. 

She purred. 

We cried. 

She pawed at my face with her little feet. 

I told her she was the wrong color. 

Undaunted, she purred more and jumped from lap to lap. 

I sighed, scooped her up and went inside. And now we have a kitten. After all, we had cat stuff, and no cat. 

Life goes on even if you are sad. Also, you cannot win an argument with a purring kitten. 


Karissa said...

This post is a conflict of emotions. My heart still hurts for you, but I am so happy that this wee adorable kitten arrived to help you heal. She is precious. I hope she is all that you need and more.

zoepheedogs said...

That is one adorable, sweet looking kitten. She can't replace your other cat but maybe she can help fill the void a bit?

Nicki said...

You are both right. I'm still sad, but I laugh and smile. She's not Icy, but she helps.

Melinda Wichmann said...

She came to you for a reason - not to replace Icy but to start a new chapter in the "cat book" of your life. She is my favorite color, BTW.