Monday, July 28, 2014

And the Lord taketh away. Again.

Cats in our house don't get "a little" sick.  I guess Misty was no exception.  And today our little angel went back to heaven.

She had a bout of GI problems last weekend, then got better.  Then had more episodes of vomiting and diarrhea this weekend.  She mostly acted ok, but seemed a little lethargic right after eating and didn't seem as hungry at her night time snack as usual.  But this morning she was perky and with no other explanation I was kind of worried about a foreign body so decided to spay her as scheduled and do a quick check to see if she had eaten a toy or something.  She didn't, but she also did not survive surgery.  I can only surmise that she has something congenitally wrong or poor reaction to anesthesia.  Doesn't matter.  I'm still heartbroken for Icy and now I have a kitten to bury.  This must be what they mean when they say life isn't fair.

I know she had a great three weeks here.  And we did too.


Diana said...

Oh I'm so sorry. How tough. Hugs to you.

Melinda Wichmann said...

So so sorry for your loss. You gave her three weeks of love and security and that means a lot.

Karissa said...

I'm so sorry. :(