Friday, August 1, 2014

Everyone has a problem. Almost.

Lyric.  Being a toy breed she tends to just pee on the bathmat if we are not home or asleep for long periods of time.  Nothing is wrong with her, it's just more bad behavior she gets away with for being cute.  But being tired of laundry she is staying in a crate while we work.

Legend.  She has been peeing in our bed and occasionally in the bathroom floor.  While it seems odd that she would pee in places where she sleeps she does not appear to be incontinent.  She's never wet, it never happens in her crate or in any other the other places she frequently sleeps.  Her urinalysis was normal but I'm doing a round of antibiotics just the kicks.  She is also now staying in a crate or going with me to work.  My co-workers everywhere love her so this works well.

Twist.  She had some soft stool from the time we got her.  Deworming and albon didn't help.  Forti-flora did for a while, now back to loose stool.  I picked up a case of intestinal diet (i/d) for her today.

Summer.  Has been pooping on the floor at night since we got back from Maine.  They now have extra litter box and I am squishing their cage down really small at night to encourage box use.  I am cautiously optimistic after less poop on  the floor the last two nights.

Shea.  Still has patchy hair loss on her hind legs.  A second skin scrape still showed nothing.  I'm doing a round of antibiotics on her as well and advantage multi every two weeks.  It has variable results treating demodex (which she may or may not have) but is safe and easy.

Zodiac, Kahuna, horses, and barn cats seem relatively normal.

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Sue said...

Ahh yes, the many pleasures of a multi-pet household. Why does it seem to come in groups?