Sunday, August 3, 2014

I hope it's over now

We woke this morning to find Kahuna too weak to stand and struggling to breathe. He passed away a few minutes later. 

I hope this is the end of all the death in our house. I feel like our baseline emotion lately is sad. At least Legend got her NATCH. That's about the only good thing  that's happened this month. 

RIP big boy. Summer and I will miss you. 


Jasmine and Sparkie said...

Oh gosh, so sorry to hear you've been having such a horrible time. My heart goes out to you.

Diana said...

Omg, I'm so sorry.

Karissa said...

Oh goodness, I'm so sorry for all you've gone through recently.

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

I'm so sorry...(((((hugs)))

But huge Congrats on the natch!