Friday, August 8, 2014

Cats and stuff

The kittens are getting along better.  They don't seem as fond of each other as Twist and Mist were so there is not as much cute playing as there was before.  But they both like lap sitting enough to pile onto my lap at the same time, which is very cute.

They are also still having some loose poop issues so they have lost their overnight free reign privileges.  Well, Twix never had any, but Twist did.  By the end of next week they will have both been treated with every drug under the sun.  Hoping something makes a lasting difference.  Meanwhile I spend most of my time scooping and evaluating the consistency of kitten poop.  Not exactly how I envisioned spending my summer.
In other news, we did a 5K last saturday.  I ran a decent time given the hills and the slight decrease in my training quality over the last month.  It was good enough for 3rd overall female which was exciting.  Especially since they did not give out age group awards-seriously, who doesn't do that?

We are currently working on redoing our deck, which has cost more than originally anticipated and also taking longer.  The truck needed 4 new tires this week and the cruise we wanted to go on was filling up and the price about to jump as well so I went ahead and got it booked.  In other words, we have spend a huge amount of money in the last two weeks.  I guess that is what savings are for.  Also, I want the truck painted but hopefully that's the last major expense for awhile.

And here are several random, but adorable iphone photos.

First up, kitten cuteness.  And one token Pomeranian.

 Socks helping me with some fencing work.
 Socks, just being the insanely cute pony he is.

 I took Kennedy to the zoo a few weeks ago for our girls day out before she starts kindergarten (can you believe that?).  This baby goat was her favorite.  Apparently, we didn't need to actually go to the zoo.

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Lauren Miller said...

They are all so cute!! Love the kitten pictures!!