Sunday, August 24, 2014

Trial stuff

We went to our last agility trial for a few months and it went pretty well. Also, it was fortunately air conditioned as it is 100 degrees here. 

Friday I went up a little early so I could meet with a friend who was in town for a conference. We had dinner and some much needed catch up time. 

Saturday Lyric was steady and picked up 2/3 Qs-one jumpers and one regular. Legend was a naughty 1/6 only nabbing one regular Q. 

Sunday was much better. Lyric was her usual self grabbing 2/4 Qs-one really nice jumpers and a nice tunnelers. She was close on one regular but missed a weave pole and took an off course tunnel in the other-I should have done my cross at another spot but oh well. Legend totally redeemed herself and went 5/5 today! She even placed 3rd of all 8 qualifiers in elite tunnelers. That's quite a feat for her. She picked up an ugly chances Q as well, so now just nine away from NATCH 2!  

I'll try to get some video up later his week. Too tired now. 

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