Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Trip

We spent a long weekend in Minnesota as an anniversary present.  We did some sight-seeing around the city and went to a Twins game-Jerry's team.

If I remember correctly, this is the first bridge built across the Missouri River.

Sunday we spent 12 (yes 12) hours at the Mall of America.  That's a lot of shopping.  That includes the time we spent eating, riding rides and going to the comedy show.  But it's still a lot of shopping.  This is the amusement park in the center of the mall.  They did a good job winding all the rides around each other in the small space. 

This came in the mail when we got back on Monday-it's official!
In other news I heard on the radio today the entire state of Missouri has been declared a disaster area.  While we view the lack of lawn mowing as a plus (seriously, even the weeds have pretty much stopped growing) I can see how this is a problem for those who are actually trying to grow something.  We had a little rain last week, and the grass thought briefly about turning green, then thought better of it and went back to brown.

We are in the process of getting for our club's NADAC trial this weekend.  And by getting ready, I don't mean practicing.  I mean making and gathering raffle items, hosing down the tunnel, making NATCH bars and figuring out how many trips it will take to haul equipment.  Ah, the joys of hosting.


Sue said...

Mall of America must really be something!

Good luck this weekend. We'll try to get there for a while.

Kathy said...

I would love to go to the Mall of America, it must have beeb something to be able to stay there that long.

Whoo hooo congrats on having the official paperwork, what an accomplishment-VERy cool!!!