Monday, July 2, 2012

The project

Sometime last year a chunk rotted off the end of my teeter plank.  I made a mental note that we needed to replace the board and then promptly ignored it all winter.  More chunks fell off over time and in addition to the increasing safety hazard, there came a day a few weeks ago when so many chunks had fallen off that it no longer weighted properly. 
So we finally had to break down and replace it.  While we were at it I decided to take the rotting slats off my A-frame and repaint it, leaving it slatless. 

We weren't sure how to texture the paint and chose to use sand which seemed to do a pretty good job.  But textured paint does not go very far so naturally I ran out.
When I went back to Lowe's there was some confusion on which color paint I needed-the one marked on the card did not match the one I had already used.  But they made me the one on the card (which I think is what I originally picked out). Anyway, rather than waste that paint I decided to just repaint all the purple on the A-frame.  Well there was not enough paint for that.  Apparently painting over textured surfaces in 100 degree heat requires more paint than you think.  Bottom line-each side of my A-frame is a different color purple.

Both sides are pretty anyway.
Also I should have painted the purple first...

Then we got ready to screw the board onto the teeter frame.  Based on the way the original contruction was done this was not going to be as simple as we had thought.  Why should it be?  So we went back to Lowe's and decided to Gorrila Glue it on.  This has now taken no less than 3 trips to Lowe's and several days to complete. But they both look better, are functional and safe.

Meanwhile, Lyric has been to another teeter and will be doing yet another one tomorrow.  Legend has been enjoying extra ball playing time and not doing much agility.  But I have been picking out fall trials-mostly NADAC this time as we are now on a quest for NATCH!

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