Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Surprise-new titles!

The AKC has decided to put in place lifetime achievement awards for agility.  Basically, for every 25 legs you get in an excellent B class (or FAST and T2B which we never compete in) you get an additional title-bronze, silver, gold and century.  Then, if I understand correctly it repeats with numbers to signify how many times they have earned that title.

They have awarded these titles retroactively for all legs earned since 1999 which pretty much guarantees any dog still running they will get credit for any Qs they earned in their lifetime.

This includes Legend and Lyric!  Lyric has earned the Master Bronze Jumpers with Weaves (MJB) and Legend has earned the Master Bronze Agility (MXB) and the Master Silver Jumpers with Weaves (MJS).

So good job girls!

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Nicole said...

I heard about that! congrats!! :)