Monday, July 23, 2012


We all survived our trial.  Everything seemed to go very smoothly, we had a good number of entries, the exhibitors were happy, the arena stayed cool, the new equipment was beautiful, the raffle prizes were awesome and my dogs ran well!  I call that success.  I could have done without loading and unloading equipment in the 100 degree heat, but you can't have it all.

On to the results.  I'm so proud of Legend.  She Q'd in BOTH chances runs this weekend!  And she did them with speed and confidence too.  I didn't have to help or redirect her at all.  All that hard work is paying off.  Now she just needs 4 more regular and 8 more chances for her NATCH-how bout that?  She also picked up a tunnelers, two jumpers and...are you ready for this...finished her NOVICE Touch N Go title!  I know that's absurd right?  But it is what it is and she finally has her Novice Versatility title with that.  Legend ran a few times with Cheri and they are really doing great together.  They were just a hair over course time in Tunnelers and Legend felt like she only needed to weave 10 poles in Regular but otherwise ran great for her.

Lyric was sort of hot and cold but did pick up two elite regular Q's, an elite jumpers to finish her title, and and open tunnelers to finish that title.  And she ran the tunnelers course fast enough to make elite time so I was pretty pleased with that.

And then we all went home tired.  It's nice to not have to travel but I'm not sure the trade-off of hosting is always worth it. That said, we are considering adding a second trial, due to popular demand.


Karissa said...

Woot for getting BOTH Chances runs!! Whenever that happens for me (which is not all that frequently), I honestly don't give a rip about any other results of the weekend. lol So awesome! Glad all of your training is paying off!

Kathy said...

Congrats on reapining the rewards from your training, so cool to see that paying off! Look at all that bling!! Congrats!

Sue said...

I'll bet you've totally covered the walls in the award room by now. Congrats.