Sunday, April 7, 2013

Color Run

This year the Color Run came to Springfield!  We were really excited about this as we had been wanting to go to one and we didn't even have to travel.  It was super fun-if you don't mind getting dirty.  And it's not timed or competitive so even non-runners were there in droves. 

We got there early in case there was a parking issue as 10,000 participants were expected.  This was fine except we didn't realize they would be starting us in waves (which was a good idea) and so we ended up standing around on the starting line for 45 minutes.  We didn't get to go until half our after the first wave started!  And there were lots behind us yet to go. 

Here we are waiting-I have the pink stripes on my shirt sleeves
 Some of the starting line
Approaching a color station
 See the cloud of orange?  At each station there were volunteers squeezing bottles of "color" on you.  The stations got pretty crowed and we had to slow down and wait in line a few times.  Hence the wave starts-and still it was crowded!
Partway through!
Finish line fun

The finished product!

 Yes, I wore old shoes.


Anonymous said...

OOO that looks like so much fun!

Diana said...

I like the picture with the rainbow clouds of color in the sky. Looks like fun. They have done those here ,in Charolotte, too.