Monday, June 26, 2017

Colorado Nosework

It's a bit of a drive but we decided to spend the weekend in Golden, CO for a nosework trial. Legend got into both element specialties plus the NW3 plus it's a pretty place for a long weekend so we decided it was worth it. 

Friday we drive the whole way there, settled in and had a dinner at Chili's near the hotel. Not too exciting. 

Saturday were the two element trials. First was level two containers. This was a great training experience for us since we've been having so much container trouble. My plan was to not call anything the first time she "alerts" since that has caused me so much grief. I hate to pull her off odor and make her show me again but that's a necessary evil right now. Hopefully will improve! 

The first search i totally abandoned this plan and got a no. Back to the plan. Technically it worked on the second search but she was one box off. We did get the other one just fine. The last two searches were perfect. Our plan worked just fine, also she didn't even try to alert on an incorrect box. So no title or leg but good experience. 

Next, level two interiors in the afternoon. What can I say? She rocked this. Interiors are her forte. And it was so refreshing knowing the number of hides. 
This is title number sixty for her. 

We were optimistic going into Sunday. But alas, not meant to be. Again. I think the altitude affected her in some way. I know other people have mentioned also having more trouble in Colorado. Our outside searches were uncharacteristically difficult for her. Inside were better, but not perfect. We didn't get any false alerts in containers though. She missed one, but I can live with that for now. 

View from trial site 

I think we will do some "easier" UKC or element trials for a while and maybe try to enter some NW3s in the winter. I think we can benefit from some confidence building and some training. 

On the flipside, we enjoyed our afternoons and evenings in Golden. Saturday we checked out the shops, walked along the creek and had some good food. 
Sunday we went from the trial to downtown and took Legend with us. We all had ice cream. 
Then we had a few drinks while Legend relaxed. 
Until she got bored. 
Then we took a little walk. If you don't get a ribbon pic, get a dragon pic!

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