Monday, February 27, 2017

More updates and what's going on

Riot-is a fantastic 3 legged dog. He's so fast and agile. It's amazing. He has an application pending  which makes me happy and sad. He's a really neat dog, and other than the obsessive cat watching very well behaved!

Havoc-got his staples out and is getting stronger all the time. He's sweet, but not as well behaved. He's been spending time in the barn helping me take care of slick. He got bored today. 

Slick is doing so much better. She has been eating everything we put in front of her the last few days. She is finishing a course of probiotics and some very expensive ulcer medication. 

Legend and I ran a 5k last weekend. I let her decide the pace and we got a 25:48 which was not bad for an 11 year old dog! In a few weeks I'm running a non-dog race so we will see how much faster I can be!
This weekend we visited my parents and sister, saw some friends and went to listen to a friend of mine who sings in a band. We got a lot done and had a good time. 

My sister got me this awesome giraffe. 

Also Lollipop and Barney have been helping with Slick's medication. They wanted everyone to know. 

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