Sunday, May 12, 2013

That's more like it

This weekend's NADAC trial went much better.  We were only entered in a few things but I'm very pleased with how we did.

However, Saturday morning started off with a high level of naughtiness in Touch and Go.  Legend started out great doing the hoop, a-frame opening but later on took the a-frame again instead of the tunnel.  Then she proceeded to go back and forth across the a-frame several times and never did do the tunnel.  Well, how can I be mad right?  But don't worry, Lyric made up for this by doing the tunnel about 6 extra times in her Touch and Go run when she should have been taking the dogwalk.

After this it got much better.  Lyric picked up her first elite weavers Q.  And yes, you did read that right.  It seems she has remembered how to weave as suddenly as she forgot.  She only bungled one set of poles all weekend. And to be fair I had set up a kind of bad entry and she missed the first pole.  But did them great when I restarted her.  She also picked up two regular Qs.  Both were really nice runs-fast and confident.  I wish they were all like that!  She was able to do a-frame tunnel discriminations this weekend but not dogwalk tunnel.  Still need to work on that.

Legend ran nicely all weekend too.  She had only one refusal despite all regular and Touch and Go courses starting hoop a-frame or hoop dogwalk.  At this point in time I will consider that acceptable!  She picked up 3 Regular Qs this weekend and 1 Chances! Yeah!  Plus she seemed a lot less stressed this weekend than last weekend.  Now she just needs one regular to finish qualifying for champs and 6 Chances for her NATCH.  I would have loved to get today's Chances as well, but I'm totally ok with one per weekend!


Karissa said...

Hooray for the Chances Q!

Do you have any plans to run Lyric at Champs?

Nicki said...

She won't have all the points but since Legend will be going for sure I'll probably send in a second chance entry for her. You never know how she's going to run but I'm sure I'd regret not entering her if I have the chance. It's only money right!

FreezinZoo said...

Will you be at Purina Farms next weekend? Can't wait to go. We are off to Springfield IL this weekend. Glennda

Nicki said...

Yes-we will be there sat-Monday. It's become a tradition for us!