Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Feels like summer...for now

I took Legend to play in the water at the park today.  I know that seems fairly ludicrous given that I spent the greater part of the day yesterday bathing and grooming dogs.  But, it's sunny and 80 today and it's not going to stay that way so I decided not to waste it.  Besides, we have a 3 day agility trial on dirt this weekend anyway.

And most importantly, she had a lot of fun.  I think she would have stayed all day but I don't think running on creek bed rocks all day would have been a good idea. 

 This area was bone dry last summer during the drought.  That's a big difference from today-we even almost lost the Wubba once as she kept dropping it in the current and it went floating downstream.


healthy life said...

Great Blog !!

Diana said...

Beautiful place to go with your dog!

tervnmal said...

What a beautiful stream to play in. The Belgians would love it! Looks like you had a very fun time.