Sunday, August 18, 2013

Not so much

We were a little apprehensive about entering a race call the Hot and Hilly but it was the closest one so we did anyway.  To err on the side of caution we picked the 5k instead of the 10k.  But, thanks once again to this unusual August weather, a better name for this year's race would have been the Chilly and Hilly!  It was about 60 degrees at race time.  Crazy.  Also, the course was not terrible hilly, and there was at least as much downhill as uphill so it seemed fair.  Although I can't speak to the 10k course.

Anyway, since the forecast looked so favorable, we asked if we could bring our dogs and were given the ok.  I debated a lot on bringing her.  Since she has not been training with me over the summer (for obvious reasons) I knew I could probably run harder without her.  But, most races don't allow dogs and she seemed pretty excited to go so in the end I did bring her.  She paced me to a comfortable 26:30 which ended up winning my age group.  So,  running any faster wouldn't have helped me anyway.

While waiting in line for the race to start some woman seemed very concerned that we were running with our dogs and insinuated that it was good we were not running in the 10k as 5 would be about all they could handle.  Granted, right now I would not run my dog 6 miles but over the winter when she was properly trained she was running up to 9 with me.  I'm sure her intentions were good but it's insulting to have strangers treat me like I don't know how to take care of my dog.  I guess I need a shirt that says I'm a vet and I know what I'm doing!  Good thing she didn't see me feed her a chocolate chip cookie later!

After the race I let Legend jump in the yucky lake water and then she laid in some dirt and leaves while waiting for awards.  So I was pretty sure she was getting  bath later but she solidified that by rolling in poop while I was doing housework.  Evidently she objected to being left outside.


K-Koira said...

Sounds like a fun race. And so many people like to judge as if they know better than we do about our dogs...

Also, wanted to let you know that my computer won't let me visit your blog, it says there is Malware, so Google Chrome won't let it load. I hope you can do something to fix it, I've missed being able to read your blog!

Karissa said...

It's been a gorgeous summer for running. Sixty degrees is about perfect! :o) (Sadly we have the heat and humidity returning this week, hopefully you have it a little easier?)

What an off the wall comment. Likely made by someone who has an overweight dog at home.... Even my little ones can easily do four miles. I never run alone, so as my mileage goes up so does theirs. Luke used to accompany me on 7 mile runs and then come home and chase the frisbee. lol