Thursday, August 1, 2013

Reaping the Rewards

This week I got the chance to visit my former foster boy, Trip, and his mom.  As you can see he was very much beside himself!

Don't get me wrong, Trip very loves his new mama, but he is clearly still pretty fond of me too!

This is one of the great experiences of fostering.  As hard as it was to let this boy go, it was the right thing for everyone.  Trip leads a charmed life and is a successful agility dog.  Although he is a regular on the local AKC circuit, we haven't been doing much AKC lately so I visited him at home since his family lives just a few miles from my parents.

Not only do I get to remain a part of his life but I have become good friends with his mom.  She so much enjoys Trip that she has even fostered some dogs for Border Collie rescue herself including her long term "project" foster dog who is still looking for her perfect forever home now that Mary has done so much to bring her out of her shell and socialize her.

This is a great example of how fostering can change lives of so many for the better.  If you have not considered fostering, now is the time to think about it.  Many rescues are in desperate need of these priceless volunteers!


Karissa said...

Wonderful update!

I keep in touch with one of my foster/adopters on Facebook and it's been fun to watch him grow up, attend classes and become an awesome dog. She never ended up starting agility so we unfortunately haven't ran into them, but it's still nice to see updates.

No idea what ever happened to the last little girl puppy, but I'm sure she's turned into a wonderful companion. I'd love to see how she grew up, though, because we were curious of her mix. Wondering if she still looks like a border-staffy!

At the shelter we always loved it when past dogs would come to visit. It's so rewarding to see them happy and enjoying their new lives!

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

That is so awesome. And just think by you fostering- his mom started fostering, and my mom who I had told her ages ago to read your blod- she has started fostering pups and is on her second set of all just keeps spreading....well done!