Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Product Review: Natural Balance Lamb & Rice Jerky Bars

This month gave us another chance to review a product.  This time I chose Natural Balance Jerky Bars.  

First of all, everyone-my three plus Cade-loved these.  No surprises there-my house is not known for picky eaters.  But, I have mostly good things to say about them too!  These are a good sized treat-if you give your dog a whole one it will take them at least a few bites to get them chewed up.  Which is nice, so that they actually taste the treat you took all that time to choose for them.  However, I tried giving a half piece to Lyric and she tried to eat it whole.  So if you have a small "gobbler" maybe don't give them a large piece.

These are great for training as well.  Unlike other jerky type treats they are not oily or greasy so they don't leave you feeling like you need to wash your hands all the time.  They also break easily into smaller chunks without much crumbling (like a freeze dried treat might).

These come in multiple flavors, all limited ingredient to keep your food sensitive pup happy. Lyric, who has had only minimal issues lately anyway, did fine with them.

Overall I think these are another winner!

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