Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So that happened

Saturday we went and ran the Ozark Duck Waddle 5k. This year they had a dog division so I took Legend. We won, which was great. Last year I won my age group and the prize was a watermelon and a Rib Crib gift certificate. This year I won a watermelon and a massage gift certificate. Even better. Legend didn't get anything but I shared a pancake with her.  And let her swim in the "river." So that's the good part. 

After the race we noticed she was limping on a front leg. I attributed it to not training (too hot most nights to take dogs) and possibly a little arthritis. But later when she really seemed to be walking funny I checked her feet and found her pads all covered in sores and abrasions, likely from the hour she spent running on rocks in water at the creek Thursday-poor girl ran 3.1 miles on asphalt with ripped up feet! But to be fair, I had not seen her limp anytime between Thursday and Saturday, not even during the race. So now she's been on house arrest all week to get her feet healed up before this weekend's trial. So after no training and no exercise all week plus a long car ride she should be pretty rowdy come Friday!

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