Monday, July 22, 2013

Success on multiple levels

Our club NADAC trial was this weekend.  And despite all the work that entails, it was a huge success.  The girls ran great.  Legend went 7/12 with 2 Regular, 2 jumpers, 1 Tunnelers and 2 Chances. Yep-two chances!  That mean she has a chance to finish her NATCH at the one remaining trial we are going to this year-but she needs to Q both days.  She also finished her Outstanding Elite Chances title and her Superior Elite Jumpers title.  She refused no contact obstacles and took the A-frame twice as an off course.  Take what you can get right?

Lyric who does not often run more than 3-4 runs in a day went 6/10 picking up 2 Regular, 2 Jumpers, one Tunnelers, and 1 Touch N GO.  She is making a serious bid at the #1 Pom spot this year. She also finished her Open Touch N Go title.

Here is their haul for the weekend-complete with a toy for every Q, just one of the reasons our trial is awesome.
We also won a prize in our epic raffle although not one of the ones I really wanted.  And yes, I am the raffle coordinator and no, "epic" is not an understatement.

As far as the trial goes we had the best ever turnout, make the most profit, had a great judge and lots of new people as well as our regulars.  Judging by the number of people who begged for a second trial we think everyone had a lot of fun.

And Cade did great.  He was very relaxed, playing ball, tugging, doing tricks and wanting to be out of his crate.  He was also able to hang out outside the ring quietly while dogs were running.  But he is pretty intense when it comes to ball and treats-I think he has potential as a performance dog.  He will soon be listed on the website and petfinder as officially available.

I was tired and crabby at work today, but I suppose it was worth it!


Karissa said...

Sounds like a great weekend! And WAHOO on getting TWO Chances Q's! So close now, so close!

The Q-toys are awesome. I'm not sure how your club can swing it, but it's a super nice gesture.

My "home" club used to do a Q raffle one day and an NQ raffle the next. The winner got a free day at the next trial for one dog. They stopped it and went to making it just for workers -- which is kind of a bummer in general, but I'm fine with it because I tend to win once per trial. ;o)

Diana said...

Wow, sounds awesome. Congrats! Love the ribbons!

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

I bet that was a LOT of work! Sounds like an awesome trial- successes on all sorts of levels! Way to go! Worth being crabby the next day, lol!