Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cade update

I've been too lazy and too busy to take new pictures but Cade is coming along. We are working a lot on focus and impulse control as well as obedience and agility skills. I went to some Sophia Yin lectures at the veterinary conference this weekend and so I'm trying some of the learn to earn exercises with him. He's learning he needs to ask for things by sitting and that other undesirable behaviors won't get him anywhere. He's also learning to be able to relax, work and focus with distractions and in places where he is uncomfortable. It's coming along slowly but steadily. 

Tonight he did a jump, the table, and the tunnel. He's not much into contact equipment. I really should just lower it but I'm lazy. And the girls need to work them before champs anyway. So right now he's just getting rewarded for putting any feet on it. He'll probably end up in a non-agility home after all this but it still gives him something to do and helps him build confidence and figure out how to learn. 

He and Legend tug and wrestle non-stop. Lyric has even played with him some. It's super cute because he gets so gentle with her. 

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