Saturday, August 31, 2013

Product Review: Halo Cat Treats

For our next review with we chose cat treats.  The Halo seafood flavor protein and fiber got three paws up at our house.  Icy, despite shamelessly begging at the table and stealing sandwiches out of our lunch is surprisingly picky about her treats.  She was a little skeptical at first but once she got going she found these to be plenty acceptable and was soon doing her usual evening demand for treats while the dogs are out to potty.

I also tried them on the barn cats.  Barney will pretty much eat anything but he really loved these.  He followed me around and grabbed them out of my hand.  Lefty is a little more particular.  He did eat them but seemed a bit indifferent.  But when you are talking about cats and you get 3/3 to consume them then you are doing pretty good.

These treats are small-if your cat is on a diet then they can still have a few!  Also they are in various shapes for those kitties that are particular to certain textures.  They are not extremely limited in ingredients but they don't have an overwhelming number either so if your kitty is allergic then these may be a possibility.  They also come in chicken. So another winner in our book!

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