Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poor Peyton

She had a scary accident last night. While playing in the yard Legend accidently knocked her down while running to get a toy. And she knocked her down hard. I knew something bad was wrong when Peyton didn't cry or get up. I ran to get her and found her stiffened up and unresponsive. I ran into the house with her where she proceeded to go limp and turn white and gasp for air. In quite a panic I pulled out her tongue, cleared her airway as best I could with my little finger and dislodged a small blood clot. After some modified puppy CPR and coughing up some more blood she started to be more responsive, her heart beat got stronger and she had a horribly congested and shallow-but steady-breathing pattern. I really thought she might die for those first few minutes after I got her in the house. Once she seemed past the main crisis we took her on in to the clinic to get some oxygen for a while and some injections to help control what was surely some significant bruising of the lungs. By the time we left work she was able to walk around. She is still pretty weak today and x-rays confirmed lung bruising but no other problems-thankfully. She should make a full recovery over the next several days.

In the good news department Tess will be headed to her new home tomorrow!


Sue said...

Wow, that was pretty scary. Glad to hear she's ok.

Diana said...

Good thing your a vet huh? Great job. Im glad she getting better. Diana

Greg S said...

Poor Peyton, most people would have had a dead pup on their hands - glad you knew what to do!
Too bad we already have a houseful, since the town we live in is named Peyton, she'd be just perfect, but the line is drawn at 8 Border Collies!