Monday, January 5, 2009

More updates!

I did some tests on Oreo this morning and everything turned out good. His bloodwork showed no new or worsening problems and abdominal x-rays were ok. So it's probably just a GI bug. I started him on Cerenia for nausea and vomiting and Metronidazole (the wonder drug of bowel problems!) for the diarrhea. Shortly after his Cerenia he ate 2 meals of 1/3 can i/d happily and licked the bowl clean. Hopefully the diarrhea will soon be clearing up.

I got an update from Peyton's new mom-she is doing great and having a lot of fun in her new home. It's pretty clear that they adore her as much as we did and I think she's so spoiled she didn't even have time to miss us! Having a great happy ending like that was definitely worth all the getting up at night and puppy walking in the cold :)

This picture of "the boys" was taken shortly before we moved here from Columbia. I framed a larger copy of it for the dog trainer we worked so long with in Columbia. You can visit their site (Ann Gafke's Teacher's Pet) over in my links section.


Josh and Jess said...

Yep, we are well used to that wonder drug for diarrhea. We're only a year old and already took it twice! What is it with us Shelties and tummy bugs????

Sue said...

Be sure to ask for a picture of Peyton when she's all grown up so we can all see how pretty she is.

Glad to hear Oreo is on the mend. It's always scary when there's a problem with an older dog.