Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Weather

It started with freezing rain yesterday afternoon as I was tucked away at home by the fire and got worse from there. Jerry called at 6PM, he left work 90 minutes ago and was just now getting to Ozark. An our later he called and said he did not think he could make it any farther in the car. I heated up the truck (with 4 wheel drive) and set out to drive the 3 miles to get him. After about 2 miles I was in a ditch. I tried to get out and ultimately was unable to move in any direction. Plus I didn't want to inadvertently damage my truck which, other than being stuck, was ok. I called Jerry and told him to start walking, a kind stranger picked him up and brought him to where I was and then was able to help him guide the truck out of the ditch and we got home ok.
Overnight the ice continued along with sleet-which at least provided a little traction. We started out late to work (didn't figure anyone would be there first thing anyway) and arrived there a little over an hour after leaving home. We had very little business but our practice advisor is in town for a few days and that always makes things hectic and somewhat annoying. (Really, if I wanted to be a boss and a manager and order people around and enforce rules I would just own my own practice and get paid more for it but apparently "L" feels I should be doing all those things as an associate, not to mention I have yet to get a single "way to go" or "good job" for all the projects I had to assign to myself after her last visit. But this is a little off subject and a topic for another time perhaps-back to the weather).

I was able to leave early so we could get home before dark. I had a few minutes of daylight when we arrived home and took these photos. The camera flash created some cool effects with sleet as the sun went down.
It's still sleeting here and then is supposed to turn to snow. The car is still on the side of the road somewhere and we have to go back to work tomorrow. Yeah.
In other news our garage cat-Jelly- seems to packing on the pounds despite supposedly being served the same amount of food daily for her whole life. I think someone may be being a little generous on serving sizes.
Barney and Lefty have been on a diet for almost a year and did so well that I recently increased their food a little. Lefty seems to have gained a little weight back (but he always does some in the winter when he quits hunting so much) but Barney seems abnormally hungry and almost a little bony. I think I will check some bloodwork on him.
Wiggles is not doing very well. He was having a lot of sneezing fits but otherwise ok, then he started to have a snotty nose and I gave him some antibiotics and he seemed better for awhile but now he is a little lethargic and his appetite is decreasing. Since he almost died last year and was so sick for so long I don't really want to put him through a lot of tests and treatments this time. He's over 8 years old and may very well have renal failure or cancer or some other disease. I was sort of worried about a nasal tumor with the sneezing and it's not out of the question. I would love it if he perks up but if it's his time then we will let him be with Holly. Meanwhile I'll give him lots of carrots and parsley-his favorites right now.


Sue said...

Could Jelly be eating Barney's food?

Diana said...

Driving in bad weather is so scary to me. Im glad you both got home safe. Diana

Nicki said...

No- he can't get in the garage and she can't get out. He and lefty eat together but I have watched enough I know they are both eating