Friday, September 30, 2016

The new face of Diamond Care Renal

Between being busy, sick, working and who knows what else I have not gotten around to sharing this exciting news! Remember back in April when I took Legend for the photo shoot for the dog food bag?  They shot two dogs for each bag and then later picked one they liked best.  Well, not only did they like Legend, they are also shooting an informational video to promote the food so next week we got to go do that!

I'm not sure if the bags are in stores yet but here is the link that shows it on the website.  And a few screen shots in case you don't want to follow the link.

Not only did she make the bag, Legend and this cat (who did not pose together this is photo-shopped) are the headliners on the webpage!

And here she is with her bag.  I think it looks fabulous!

I am obviously stupid excited over this but I underestimated how excited my coworkers would be-since the girls go to work with me a lot all my techs know her really well and are basically treating this like they now know a celebrity.  For her part, Legend doesn't seem to know what the big deal is but gladly accepts the extra attention.

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