Friday, October 7, 2016

UKC Nosework trial

Last weekend we went to the local UKC nosework trial.  Saturday they had two vehicle trials.  Legend placed first in both classes to earn her Novice Vehicle title and came close to getting high in trial both rounds with times of 16 seconds and 8 seconds.

Sunday was two rounds of exteriors.  She places second in round one-crazy,  I know!  But round two netted her first place and high in trial with a time of 14 seconds for her Novice Exterior title.

Overall we had a good time and it was a nice confidence boost.  We plan on doing a container trial here in November as well.  We got a chance to watch the upper levels of the exterior classes on sunday and it's quite different from NACSW.  First of all they usually tell you how many hides but even if they don't you know it will be 3 or 4.  They also give a huge amount of time-10 minutes at the highest level!  They do use food distractors in searches besides the containers though, although they basically use "containers" in the exterior area that hides or food may be in, in addition to the natural environment.  There are also 2 additional scents your dog needs to know for the two highest levels.

We also got in an NW3 in Iowa (I was hoping for texas) so hopefully that will go just as well!

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