Friday, October 14, 2016

Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Horseshoe Bend

Yesterday we took a brief trip to the Grand Canyon.  Lodging and logistics led us to try out the North Rim.  It was ok, but we didn't have great lighting and overall I thought the views from the South Rim were better.  But now we have seen both.  The lodge we stayed at did have excellent cookies though.

Then we headed on in to Lake Powell where the resort is apparently home to dozens of wild rabbits that hang out on the manicured grass.  You can even get married here-I did not know when I was planning my wedding that getting married in a field of bunnies was an option!

The resort was nice and we had nice views of the lake and Marina.

 Today we also took the short hike to Horseshoe bend-which was cool but I forgot to put the memory card back in the camera so this is a cell phone picture.

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