Saturday, June 6, 2009

Apparently, I love lilies

I needed more flowers to put in my front flower garden. I have a lot of spring bulbs in there but come summer the only thing blooming is 2 bunches of Day lilies. I planted some other kind of lily in there earlier and just now noticed that two of the bulbs (I think there were 4-5) are coming up. So I bought some more plants today while we were out. I put in 2 more yellow Day lilies, a purple (or so the picture showed-it's not blooming yet) Day lily and 4 small Asiatic (?) lilies-a pink/purple color.

I was also struggling to get anything to grow from seed or otherwise out along the barn. Every year I work on it and plant something and am just left with a mound of weeds again. So I decided to buy some nice stout already well started plants. The only thing I really liked (and that grew in partial shade) was more lilies. So I planted six of those and also moved my wagon wheel out there and planted two Clematis in front of it to climb on it. It's not that impressive looking now but I hope as everything grows and blooms more it will be really bright.
I also have bunches of regular old orange lilies-like the ones you find growing along the road sometimes- around several areas in the yard. I have a definite theme going now!
Does anyone know if Asiatic lilies multiply on their own the way the other kinds do? This is the first time I've had any.

Oreo helped supervise by mostly napping in the shade while I worked!


Sara said...

Asiatic lilies will multiply, but it takes much longer than daylilies.

Of course, they will only multiply if critters don't eat the bulbs over the winter ~that's what happens to me! I usually have to plan new ones each year. Damn moles.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yep, asiatic lillies do multiply and fortunately ours' haven't been eaten and are doing well. We plant cana lillies each year and this year the squirrels won't leave them alone - don't thing any are going to make it!