Monday, June 8, 2009

Agility Match

One of the AKC clubs in North Arkansas was holding a match today to try and get certified to hold an actual trial. So Linda, Chesney, Legend and I headed south today to participate and get in some good practice runs. Legend had a nice standard run and got a "Q" and first place (ok she was the only qualifier). She had sort of a wild run in Jumpers with a bunch of off course obstacles but she did do great weave poles in both runs. She was not overly fired up but did not seem too stressed and ran at an average pace. Not blazing, but not pokey. I think it was a good experience for us. Chesney did great-she didn't Q but it was her first time doing anything AKC and only her second trial experience. She was much more focused than her runs at the NADAC trial last fall and probably would have gotten a Q in jumpers if she was solid on her weave poles!

The field behind the arena made a really pretty backdrop for photos so I snapped these while Legend and I were out playing ball.

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Paint Girl said...

Legend is so pretty! Love that face!