Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And a half

Tomorrow, Oreo will be fourteen and a half years old. I figured if you get to be that old you deserve to celebrate half-birthdays as well. So I stopped at the Three Dog Bakery on my way home for some special treats . They look good enough to eat don't they?

These three sure thought so! The blue bandannas are not part of the party-it just so happens we also chose today for our photo shoot for Blue Bandanna Day at the Portuguese Water Blog. If you want to participate just email your photos to Sue before June 10. I'll same the rest of the blue bandanna photos for later. I've also been trying to get another good picture for my header-but so far I have not been happy with anything that had all three dogs in it.

The snacks did not last long!
Also today, I clogged the Dyson. I was noticing that it was not sucking up hair like it should so I decided to take a quick look underneath before looking in the manual to see if I needed to change a filter or something. It did not take long to notice the problem. The brush was so covered in hair I'm sure no suction was making it to the floor plus there were no bristles visible anywhere to whisk the hair up! I got it cleaned out and went back to vacuuming just fine!


Diana said...

That cake does look good. Diana

Sara said...

Wow - Happy Half Birthday to Oreo!

I'm jealous that you have a three dog bakery near you. I have to mail order stuff from them. I have tried some of their cookies myself (don't tell anyone) and they are not bad!

Paint Girl said...

Happy 14 and a half Birthday Oreo!
I love your dogs in their blue bandanas! So cute! I have mine wear them too. Sadie usually gets pink and Bailey gets dark green or dark purple!
Those dog cookies looked like something we would eat! Looked yummy!
I also have clogged my Dyson with dog hair! I have to clean the brush alot, I guess 2 dogs and 5 cats are too much for a Dyson!

Melissa said...

Unfortunately their treats are not hypoallergenic. All Gracie can eat from them is their dehydrated carrots and sweet potatoes!

manymuddypaws said...

happy and a half!!!! he's doing great for an old guy! and those do look delicious!!!

Sue said...

Yeah, I forgot to tell you the Dyson brush gets tangles in dog hair pretty easily. We usually clean it after each use.

The bandanas look good. Happy birthday to the big guy.