Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Catch up

Lots to catch up on! First of all Autumn got adopted! Puppy adventure is finally over. 

Marbles and Twist don’t get along so Twist is often found in places she can be alone. 

Ace is a big BC mix puppy available through MO-KAN. He spent a little time with us and is now in a new foster home doing great. 

Legend is doing great and even eating some dog food!

Seamus is doing well and will get some root canals next month. And hopefully more hair. 

New Mo-Kan dog Waffles. He’s cute and being fostered near me so I get to meet him. Maybe BC and Aussie mix?

Epic made his first big boy road trip to Minnesota for his first NACSW trial. We competed in two element specialties and he earned both his level 1 container and interior. He wasn’t the fastest dog, but cute and accurate. 

We spend the first night in Iowa and found a nice path to walk before loading in the car again. 

Our first night in MN we went to a twins game and they won. 

Beyond that we have just been super busy. Every weekend we have some kind of plans, and I’ve been working more than i originally intended and we have been doing more remodeling. More on that later! Plus I’ve been training for a half marathon so horse riding and dogntraining have sadly been on the back burner for a bit. I did squeeze in some agility last night though. 

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