Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring evening

Snapped this photo with my phone tonight-just love them!

I got off work early today, ran my errands, and was done with race check in and dinner with a friend by 7:30. Jerry is out of town so the dogs and I enjoyed a nice evening at home. 

In other news, Reaghan is getting adopted in a few weeks assuming the meet and greet goes well. 

We are headed down to Arkansas for one day of AKC agility tomorrow. 

Legend started with odor in Nosework and we are having fun presenting her with new challenges. She continues to think this is a fantastic sport. 

Last weekend we ran an 8k. Good news is we all got a PR. Bad news, that is relatively useless information since 8k is not a commonly run distance. More good news, 2nd in my age group. 

I gave Legend and Zodiac Nexguard today. For a "beefy chewable" it was pretty hard. But they ate it, which must mean it's pretty good since they refuse to eat comfortis or sentinel. 

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