Sunday, May 25, 2014

What little girls are made of

First of all, Legend did not finish her NATCH.  She had a good weekend, but a Chances Q was not in the cards. More on that later.

This time, I have to brag on Lyric first.  What a little rock star she was this weekend!  She was only entered in two runs yesterday, and all six today.  I would have rather it been a little more balanced but with the schedule the way it was that's how it happened.  She doesn't run chances and I didn't think it would be worthwhile to run weavers (apparently wrong) so all she did yesterday was regular but turned in one nice Q and one almost.

But today...she had...A PERFECT DAY!  This is the first true perfect day (where we've been entered in every event) that I've ever had in NADAC with ANY dog.  And I haven't even done any training with her since the last trial.  And she nailed every single set of weave poles and all but one discrimination all weekend.  Go figure!

As usual for Purina Farms in May this entailed some rain, some sun, humidity, etc.  But she was a trooper the whole time and just as solid as can be.  She was definitely getting tired towards the end, but kept on fighting to get those Qs.  I think running her at the 4 inch veteran height helped facilitate this, but I'm still so proud of her.

So here is her video of some of her runs this weekend!

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Karissa said...

Woo hoo! Look at her go! Lyric looks great!

Sorry about missing out on Legend's NATCH. :( It will come!