Sunday, May 4, 2014

Run like a diva

First of all, if you want to run a flat race, don't come to Branson, MO!  Really, for me it wasn't terrible, but others were less than thrilled. 

Anyway this was my friend Kristen's first ever half marathon, and on top of that she has a 4.5 month old baby. Here we are pre-race...still happy!
The weather was perfect, a touch chilly to start, but warm and sunny the rest of the way. The best weather I've ever run a half-marathon in for a change. 

My job was just to serve as companion and support system so my time and place are not really important but Kristen did a great job and we both finished in the top half of our age groups and overall. Although a few times I think she might have preferred to not finish at all!

Here we come! There was a boa and tiara station on the way to the finish. 

There we go!

Our "after" picture didn't turn out well, so here is a pic of the bling.