Monday, May 26, 2014

Legend's turn

Saturday was weavers, chances and regular.  In weavers we were a little rusty and out of control.  She weaved well, but was not focusing on the hoops much.  By chances she had settled down a little but went off course both times (although not where I had anticipated) and blew her dogwalk contact both times.  So we will be working contacts between now and July! She picked up one regular Q and had one off course in the other.  So off to a bit of a slow start.

And I have to give props to all our friends and the always awesome man-in-charge Dwayne for finding ways to stall the trial giving Cheri time to get there and watch the Chances runs-just in case!  Gotta love NADAC that way-so laid back.

Sunday was Jumpers, touch and go and regular.  She finally, finally, got an elite touch and go Q!  She would have had both but missed a contact.  She also picked up both jumpers and both regular going 5/6!  Overall she was not as fast this weekend as she has been at other more recent NADAC trials and in fact seemed a little stressed as she did have one a-frame refusal.  Not sure why, but she still did well so whatever.

Here is her video.

Saturday we also went down to the terrier stuff going on so Linda could run one of her dogs in the lure coursing.  I let Lyric and Legend watch instead of leaving them in the car.  Legend went nuts-barking and lunging the whole time.  I'm not sure what she would have done when she found it was just a bag, but at least for now she seems to think walmart bags are much more intriguing than agility equipment.  Not sure how I feel about that!

Then we all headed out to our traditional group dinner at Hawthorne (really, the true reason why we go to this trial!).  Afterwards everyone gathered one by one in the off leash dog area at our hotel.  We ended up with 15 dogs all loose and hanging out together while we watched them play and visited.  It was really fun and everyone got to see the dogs we usually just see in the ring show more of their at home personalities. Lyric must have been standing behind me in these pictures, but you get the idea!

And, we got to pick up our cute bandanas I had a friend make for us!

Overall, another good memorial day weekend.  We did come home last night so I could have today to pack and get ready for vacation!!

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