Monday, May 19, 2014

Other updates

Reaghan went home with her new family Friday night and today's update indicates all is well and they love her.  We look forward to more updates.

Legend seems to be making good headway in Nosework.  We've had two weeks off class and look forward to seeing to how she does this week when we go back.  

Tracking has had some setbacks.  She's having a little trouble staying on the track but a tracking friend indicated that there are lots of new smells in the spring (makes sense or scents...ha) so we are doing some basic work.  Straight lines with extra food put out.  And I'm stopping her if she gets too far off, not letting her get all the way to the end of her 40 feet.  It also helps to slow her down.  Runninng the track isn't necessarily bad but it can cause her to overshoot turns and miss articles.  So better to slow down.  I was hoping to get her into the local test in october but by the time we are ready to get certified it might be too late to enter.  Oh well.  We'll get there eventually. 

Some of my new plants are not doing well.  I'm not sure if they are not getting the right amount of sun, or too much water or something else.  There is only so much I can control though.  And most of them look good so I guess that's as good as I could expect. 

We are headed to our annual outdoor Memorial Day weekend NADAC trial this weekend.  We are only trialing two days this year.  We all have to work Friday and then I decided I needed monday to pack and do laundry and get ready to leave again on Tuesday.  Tuesday we only head to STL, and then our flight leaves bright and early Wednesday morning.  

And Legend will have a chance (two chances actually) to finish her NATCH this weekend so I guess I better go set up some equipment and practice a little!

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Karissa said...

Good luck at the NATCH this weekend!!!