Sunday, March 4, 2012

Still one

So, obviously no exciting news to report after the trial this weekend.  Not all bad either.  Here is the rundown.

We started off with great hope!  Legend Q'd in her first run Saturday and it was standard-her nemesis!  This put us in good shape for a a very doable JWW course.  But, not meant to be.  There was a 90 right turn to the weave poles about mid course.  If I turn those too tight she'll cut in to the second pole.  So I brought her out a little further before I turned to give her a straight line.  But it was just far enough to send her over the off course jump straight ahead despite my desperate pleas of "here!!!"  I heard the collective "awwww" from the crowd as we went on to run the rest of the course clean.

Today did not start out as well.  The A-frame was the second obstacle and you know who that usually goes for us.  Naturally she happily loped on past it, then came around and charged up it the second attempt.  At least she ran past it instead of stopping and doing a stress sniff at the ground in front of it.  That's better right?  We had a few more mishaps but that was largely due to lazy handling after the NQ.  The jumpers course was generally determined to be "tough" but I think we could have Q'd if I had run it the way I walked it, which, for whatever reason I did not.

Overall thought I thought her confidence and enthusiasm were pretty good all weekend.  Her teeters were some of the best in a long time and other than the one A-frame incident I was pleased with all her contacts.  So, hopefully that was a good warm-up for Nationals.

Lyric was fast. Really fast in some of her runs.  And yet, we struggle.  No teeter, no table, no weaves.  I guess we will continue proofing those things and try to get on some "foreign" teeters before the next trial.  If there is not much improvement (that will be in about 2 months) then she may only get to run one day per weekend until the problem is solved.  Hopefully she can pull it all together-I think I can get her in the top 10 poms if she runs like I know she can.

And we got to see Trip (former foster) run.  He got his first QQ this weekend and is looking great.  When he's clean he's usually near the top of the 20 inch class-right up there with the best of the best around here!  Which means I hate myself a little every time I see him run.  But he has a great home and a perfect life and that's what we do in rescue!

Here are Saturday's videos-the standard run that got us to 19.5
And the "almost a MACH run" take two...


Karissa said...

Lovely runs! Huge bummer about the off course in JWW. :o( You'll get it next time!

Kathy said...

Great runs, I dont want to know when we are close to any big milestones coming up because I know I would jinx myself--After you work so hard and so long it has to be so hard to be patient and you know it is going to happen any day now..... Glad it sounds like a great weekend with happy dogs ;-).